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Sat, Jun 04


Alexander Public School

MoM2Mom Consignment Sale - Spring 2022

We're back! Please join us for our Spring 2022 MoM2Mom Consignment Sale!

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MoM2Mom Consignment Sale - Spring 2022
MoM2Mom Consignment Sale - Spring 2022

Jun 04, 2022, 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Alexander Public School, 39 St Brendan St, Greater Sudbury, ON P3E 1K3, Canada

Join us in Sudbury!

The Greater Sudbury Multiple Births Association's (GSMBA) MoM2Mom Consignment Sale is open to members and the general public to sell and purchase good-quality used maternity and children’s clothing, toys, and equipment at discounted prices.

To reserve a table for the 2022 Spring MoM2Mom Consignment Sale, please read the following rules and guidelines, then complete and submit your registration by clicking the appropriate button below.

All vendor registrations must be received by May 20, 2022.

Rules and Guidelines

- Consignors must purchase a table for $40. Members of the GSMBA can purchase a table for the reduced fee of $30. The fee of purchasing a table will be retained by GSMBA to raise funds for the association and its members. 

- At this time, business vendors will be added to a waitlist - should we have room, business vendors can purchase a table for $50. 

- Vendors/consignors can purchase more than one table if they require additional space.

- Sellers set their own prices for items offered in the sale and get 100% of their sale profit.

- Please sell for yourself only, if someone asks you to sell “a couple of things” for them, please tell them that it is against the rules.  No sharing tables with others.  Each consignor must purchase his/her own space and we will supply the table.

- Each seller is responsible for their own change/float.

- The general public will be granted access, for the purpose of purchasing items, from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM. Members of the GSMBA will be granted access at 9:30 AM.

- Vendors/consignors that fail to show up by 9:30 AM will not be permitted to set up, and the cost of the table will not be refunded.

- Once we open the doors to the public, vendors/consignors can no longer bring in items to sell.

- Vendors/consignors are not permitted to bring in extra tables, regardless of the size or purpose. Each vendor/consignor is permitted 1 clothing rack OR 1 small standing shelf PER TABLE PURCHASED to be put on the floor beside their table, but must not impede on their neighbour’s space.

- Please sell only items that are clean, presentable and in working order (i.e. electronics, computerized, battery-operated, etc.).

- The executive members of GSMBA reserve the right to inspect any items being sold, and may request the removal of items that are not deemed in good condition.

- Check battery compartments of electronics to ensure there are no leaking batteries and/or rust.  Consider purchasing batteries so toys are operational at the sale.

- When pricing your items, ask yourself what you would pay for the same item at a garage sale (1/3 to 1/2 of the original price is typical).

- Consider grouping items together into lots (e.g., group 2 diaper shirts for $1 rather than selling them for $0.50). - No items are to be left behind. Unsold items are the responsibility of the vendor/consignor.

Vendors/consignors are legally responsible for ensuring that products being sold, whether new or used, are safe and meet current regulatory requirements. It is important to only sell items that are in good condition. Before the sale, check with the manufacturer and Health Canada to ensure that none of your products have been recalled. If an item has been recalled and the problem has not been or cannot be corrected, do not sell the product.

The following is a partial list of products that must meet regulatory requirements under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act:

Baby Gates – Baby gates that have diamond-shaped openings or “V” openings at the top larger than 38 mm (11/2 in.) are illegal to sell in Canada. A child’s head can get caught in these openings and the child could strangle. Baby gates must come with information that identifies the manufacturer, model name or number, the date of manufacture and information regarding instructions for use and installation.

Car Seats – Car seats must have a National Safety Mark and meet current regulatory requirements. Remember that it is illegal to sell car seats that do not meet the current regulatory requirements. You should always check with the manufacturer before selling a car seat. Car seats must come with warnings, guidelines for use, installation instructions, and date of manufacture. Do not sell a car seat that is past the lifespan recommended by the manufacturer or that has been in a vehicle during a collision. Before selling a used car seat, check with Transport Canada (1-800-333-0371 or for more information and to find out if the car seat has been recalled. Also, be sure that it is in good condition with no missing parts and with functioning anchoring systems.

Children’s Jewelry – Lead is a soft, heavy metal that is often used to make inexpensive jewelry. Lead is very toxic. A child can suffer from lead poisoning if they suck, chew, or swallow jewelry containing lead. Jewelry containing lead, which has a protective or decorative coating, is not safe since children can easily chew off the coating. It is illegal in Canada to sell children’s jewelry that contains lead above the allowable limit, so if you are not sure whether a children’s jewelry item contains lead, do not offer it for sale.

Children’s Sleepwear – Do not sell loose-fitting children’s sleepwear made of cotton, cotton blends or rayon as they burn more easily. Loose-fitting children’s sleepwear includes nightgowns, bathrobes, and loose pyjamas. They should be made of polyester, nylon or polyester/nylon blends. Tight-fitting children’s sleepwear includes polo pyjamas and sleepers (with tight cuffs at the end of sleeves and pants legs, close fit to the body). They are less likely to make contact with a fire source and are likely to burn more slowly. They can be made from cotton, cotton blends or rayon.

Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets – It is illegal to sell cribs that do not meet the current regulatory requirements. Cribs manufactured before September 1986 likely do not meet these requirements and should therefore not be sold. Health Canada does not recommend using cribs older than 10 years as they are more likely to have broken, worn, loose or missing parts, and be missing warnings or instructions. Cribs, cradles and bassinets must come with information that identifies the manufacturer or importer, model name or number, date of manufacture, and assembly instructions. They must be in good condition, with no missing parts. It is also important that the mattress used fits snugly with a gap of no more than 3 cm (13/16 in.) between the mattress and the crib, cradle or bassinet. The spacing between the bars should be no more than 6 cm (2 3/8 in.). Cribs, cradles or bassinets with visible signs of damage, missing parts, or missing information should be destroyed. The side height of cradles and bassinets should be at least 23 cm (9 in.). Cribs must have a side height of at least 66 cm (26 in.) when the mattress support is in the lowest position. Crib corner posts must be no more than 3 mm (1/8 in.) high. The mattress support must be firmly fixed to the end panels. Cribs that have a floating mattress support system with S or Z-shaped hooks are not safe and must not be sold.

Playpens – Do not sell playpens that have protruding bolts or torn vinyl or mesh. Playpen mesh must be small mesh, such as mosquito-type netting. Playpens must not have more than two wheels or casters or the ability to attach additional wheels. When selling a folding playpen, ensure that all locking mechanisms work and set-up instructions are included. Playpens must be accompanied by information that identifies the manufacturer or importer, model name or number, and the date of manufacture.

Strollers and Carriages – Strollers and carriages made before 1985 should not be sold as they may not meet current regulatory requirements. Strollers must come with a lap belt and crotch strap that is solidly attached to the seat or frame. Ensure that the brakes, as well as the locking mechanisms on folding models, are in working order.  Make sure that the wheels are securely attached. Strollers must be accompanied by information that identifies the manufacturer or importer, model name or number, and the date of manufacture.

Toys – Toys that are in poor repair, broken, have sharp edges or points, or plush toys with loose eyes or noses are not safe and should not be sold. Recently, there has been an increased number of recalls on toys with paint containing lead; check that toys have not been recalled before selling them.

Helmets (Other Than Hockey Helmets) – Helmets, such as bicycle, in-line skating helmets and equestrian riding helmets, are designed to protect the head against a single impact. It is not recommended to resell these products.

High Chairs – Before selling a used high chair, make sure it is in good condition and that there is a restraint system that 

consists of a crotch strap and a waist belt that is easy to fasten. All latching and locking mechanisms should be in good working order.

Infant Bath Seats and Bath Rings – These products are not safety devices. Many babies have died when they were left alone in a bath seat or bath ring, even for a short time. Reselling these products is not recommended because the suction cups or other means to attach the product to a tub can be ineffective. Reselling infant bath seats or bath rings can be especially dangerous because any warnings and/or instructions that could have alerted a caregiver of the serious drowning hazard related to these products may be out of date or missing entirely.

Check for consumer product recalls posted by Health Canada ( 

By submitting your registration for the GSMBA MoM2Mom Consignment Sale, you agree to the following:

- I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand all rules pertaining to the MoM2Mom Sale sponsored by GSMBA and agree to abide by all rules, regulations and conditions contained therein. I also acknowledge that the Greater Sudbury Multiple Births Association and individual members thereof including, but not limited to the executive, are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen merchandise, for any reason, including negligence.


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